Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, but an undeniable way to show someone you love that you value their support and company. And while you can get a box of chocolates and call it a day, we think something for the house is wise, special, and even more appropriate this year when the date of the restaurant and getaways prove more challenging.
“I like home decorating gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day because it is something that takes place,” said the senior designer who had not taken place Shelby Girard. “Now more than before, we appreciate whatever makes our home feel warmer and more magical, so simple candles, comfortable blankets, or even preserved flowers that will last longer than a week are a good approach to give this year. ”
With the help of Shelby, we present some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts approved by designers at various price points and styles. They are perfect for loved ones and friends (Hello, Galentines!), And provide a truly wise way to say “I’m heart.”

For entertainers at home

Valentine's Day Gifts Approved By Designers

We all become amateur and bartenders for the past few months, so why not celebrate someone’s new skills? Minimalist will like this slick cake dish from Crate & Barrel with striking black and white and a little textured patina. Whether their love language is chocolate or cheese, the set of fondue at-home is kitchy but really cool setbacks, and we love the mid-inspired lines from this one, also from Crate & Barrel.
Shelby also suggested stylish cocktail glasses for bars at home. “A set of special glasses of events gives a reason to make the night a little more magical,” he said. “You can even solve it with a cocktail of Valentine’s Day!”

For homebodies

Valentine's Day Gifts Approved By Designers 1

Put what is the best with Netflix and Pajamas? Comfortable throws. “Keep neutral, so it can be used throughout the house,” Shelby said, who suggested a truly beautiful, chic wool blanket, walking from CB2. Luxury pillows, velvet from our collection that is not bleak in beautiful colors and on-trend from Artichoke Green is a pick (and paired well with a throw).
Shelby’s Top Pick Melds with style: Slip Silk This pillowcase offers a luxurious way to nod every night while potentially reducing wrinkles, beds, and “folded folds” that can sometimes cause waking up the next morning.

For atmosphere makers

No one set the mood for romance, or just pleasure, rather than light candles, and as Shelby said, “everyone likes candles – especially where you can reuse the ship once you burn it.” Choose it? Alas style, black and white marble candles from Lulu & Georgia. (We also have something for nest candles.)

For green thumbs.

Valentine's Day Gifts Approved By Designers 2

Rose is red, blue violet … we get it. Large flowers for Valentine’s Day. But they also fade quickly. Instead, give the selected rods that survive, such as preserved flowers, such as dried gypsophila black essays from anthropology. Not only will they add a graceful touch at home, they are very trends at this time. For bonus points, give them in vases – Shelby recommends this sculpture design, also from anthropology.

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