It’s a season to give – and that means buying gifts for your clients too.
As an interior designer, we provide very personal services and your client gift must reflect it and the size of the project. That means the client who spends more money with me will get a much bigger prize than the person who spends half or a quarter of that amount.
Here are my guidelines for client gifts:

Everyone gets a Christmas card

Tips For Choosing A Perfect Interior Design Client Gift

First, don’t become Grinch.
Everyone one of your clients must get a Christmas card. I ordered my property in advance and you can use anything from Moo to be printed to Vistaprint – which you like the most.
Also, try to add your logo somewhere. It shouldn’t stand out, and the back of the card is a good choice. When you sign it, make sure they know who it is. Label again must also name your business. One thing you can’t do: Don’t include your business card. It’s just tacky.
These cards are not intended to focus on marketing, but it is a secondary benefit, so use it!
Cards should not only be for your clients. Make sure you send a Christmas card to the vendor that takes care of you well. They may only send references to your way, but even if they don’t, it’s just the right thing to do.

The roast item is a good choice

Everyone likes baked food, especially at this time of year. It makes them a good choice to give your clients whether they are bought homemade or bought.

Don’t make yourself crazy worry about what your client’s diet preferences are like whether they eat gluten or not. Just take something good.
However, if you make your own grilled items, enough to list the material if anyone has allergies at home. You don’t want to accidentally make someone with sick bean allergies, let alone eggs or cinnamon allergies (yes, this is). The roasting item must already have a nutritional label with this info.
Whether you go with homemade or buy a shop trying to carve time to send goods directly. If your clients or their families aren’t there, you can leave it on the front stairs, but if they are around it gives you the opportunity to chat a little and catch up, which is always good.

From the cheese board to the gift basket

Tips For Choosing A Perfect Interior Design Client Gift

If you are looking for something more to be given, cheese boards, gift baskets or even doormats are a good choice – and you give them all personalized touches.
For cheeseboard, you can add your client initials or even a small logo for your business somewhere. Doormat can include your client’s address. And I even bought a special brand of Olive & Cocoa which I used to wear their wooden crates to provide Christmas items.
You can also make your own gift basket, where you can’t go wrong with candles, a bottle of wine and some other fun items. Just remember to make sure you keep expenses in line with how much they spend with you. It’s easy to excess quickly and small items increase quickly.

This is not just about vacation

One last thing: Don’t wait for a vacation to send client gifts. You have to send a birthday card when you have a birthday, and if you don’t have that information at your fingertips, just add to your initial questionnaire or the intake form for each new client.

You can also treat your clients with small gifts during the project you are working on. The greater the project and the longer the duration means the fewer the prizes you use.
Whatever you decide to be given, remember to treat your clients how you want to be treated. Everyone loves a pleasant little gift, or a little sweet as we say here in the south.

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