Summer Spring Interior Design Trends 2021

Textile Trends Interior Design

Interior design trends continue to grow and change from year to year. With the homeware items that must be owned to be more accessible, the influence of the latest interior design is very large in the upcoming season.

Mustard Yellow.

Summer Spring Interior Design Trends 2021

Mustard Yellow makes a great appearance in the interior design this season. The color is very flexible, can be paired with dark and bright colors. This dark yellow is softer on the eye than bright yellow, however, still gives perfect color pop. It gives homeowners with warm auras in the summer months and comfortable and comfortable shades in winter. Meanwhile, it is known for its retro and modern appeal, redaming tones often work very well in contemporary or classical settings.


Velvet has been around for several years and continues to be a major player in interior design. Being a very flexible fabric, can be used for carpets, curtains, and coatings. It can also be used for furniture accessories, such as wallpapers and carpets. Velvet is known for having a luxurious look and feel. It provides rooms with visual comfort and soften the overall appearance. Not only stylish it is also very soft and comfortable. Velvet maintenance can be very boring because it tends to attract dust. However, there are many variations now possible for waterproof cloth.


Summer Spring Interior Design Trends 2021 1

Beige is now a new gray. There had been a big movement that returned to a warm-based tone of chocolate and neutral wood, because many people stepped away from the gray tone. Beige has recently become the color of a new foundation in interior design, changing gray and white tones that are cooler with warm kreiges. This brings warmth and comfort to the interior space.

Other trends that are also popular in interior design are tropical and ethnic molds. It is used not only on pillows and textile art but also on coatings and sofas. Dark green is also increasingly popular. Bringing wealth and connections to nature, dark green is used not only in decorations but as a complete piece of furniture. Finally, we have corduroi. While sharing lots of characteristics with Velvet, Corduroy slowed gained popularity in the interior space.

Dark green

Just like a tropical & ethnic pattern, Dark Green is perfect for your furniture. Displays connections to nature, this color will create a relaxed space in your home.

Curved form

Admire the return of the form of the 60s and 70s in your home. With a curved chair, a sofa and bench, creating a friendly and friendly room.

Tropical & ethnic mold

Bring summer vibrations to your furniture. You can add this mold to the pillow but why isn’t it bigger? Dress your place beautifully!

Mustard yellow

What’s better than this life color to call the summer sun?

Outdoor space

And what’s better than the trend of outer space that never ends to enjoy summer?
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