Unique Gifts For Art Designs And Lovers

We noticed that people with designs for design eager to bring home several types of elements in 2020! Shop for art lovers / easy design if you know what type of object should be searched. This has emerged repeatedly as an art object / design that is coveted for 2020. Start with these categories to gain such a gift to give. Then, instead of looking for bulk products, browse our cool artists and find the style you love. Most of them have pieces ready to ship but, if you are worried it’s too late for a special commission – think again. Open a unique gift with a card and connect them to the artist!

Below are some of the most popular art / design objects for 2021 and the creators we love whose works carry gifts to the next level.

Unique wallhangings & texture art

Unique Gifts For Art Designs And Lovers

A wallhanging is a gift-for gift this season for anyone who likes art and design. We like these pieces because they add creative texture elements to any room and, are you looking for a minimalist or eclectic traveler, there are parts for any interior style. The key to picking up the right wallhanging choose the style you like and then find more by the same artist!

Unusual print

Gifting art is easier when you don’t need to worry where it will go. Mold is an amazing gift because it is very accessible and varied. You can order original paintings by many of these artists or find the perfect prints to fit your friend’s house.

Ship and vase

Unique Gifts For Art Designs And Lovers 1

Whether it holds plants, bouquet, or pen, the ship does not have to be purely functional. When created by an artist or designer, these functional decoration pieces carry a sculpture into the space. See our favorite pieces that add texture, color and dynamic form for whatever they have.

Home goods

If you are looking for artistic and useful gifts, explore home items. When looking for a gift home goods, let what you notice in their space into your guide. Consider where they spend most of the time and hobbies at home.


Unique Gifts For Art Designs And Lovers 2

Furniture can be an ideal gift used every day. Finding the right furniture depends on what they know, they need elements, they don’t realize that they are missing to entertain. Find something they use in the color palette or material that is the same as their home. This is a perfect gift for a couple too!

Clothing & Accessories

Accessories are made for style, expression, and appreciation of artisan crafts. These creator works are art that you can carry. Your stylish friends might want to display below!
If you like something you see on our list, reach the creator! Click the “Ask” button. You can contact to buy a piece, commission one, or just send praise (‘this season!).
Supporters of artists & designers – places to shop for unique and meaningful items from original creators.

Best Graphic Design Book

Graphic design books can offer insights obtained with difficulty, design inspiration, and basic refreshment on the main principles and design techniques. Do you want to find a design theory, learn some new skills or just recharge your creative batteries, there are a large number of titles out there.
In this article, we have measured the selection of the best graphic design books available, starting from eternal classics to modern works. We have arranged books into the category to help you find what you need – you can scroll the category above and jump directly to the part you are interested in.
Looking for updating your graphic design Arsenal? Try choosing us from the best graphic design tools around. Or for more inspiration reading, see our best branding books, or the best art books. Without further Ado, welcome to your essential reading list graphic design book.

Designing brand identity

Best Graphic Design Book

The best-selling guide Alina Wheeler for branding has been updated for the fifth time to enter new coverage and expanded from the synergy of social media channels, crowdsourcing, SEO, branding experience, mobile devices, wayfindinding and platsaking. Divided into three parts – fundamentals of brands, basic processes and case studies – designing brand identity provides in-depth guidance for designers and the entire branding team, running through a five-stage process of universal for development and implementation.
Pentagram Partner Paula Scher recommends it: “Alina Wheeler explained better than anyone who designed identity and how it functions,” he said. “There is a reason why this is the 5th edition of this classic.” And with the introduction of the design of the Podcast Material Host Debbie Millman, you know you are in a good hand.

Branding: In five and a half steps

Leading Graphic Designer Michael Johnson Demystivies Process Branding in his book, Branding: In five and a half steps. Divide the process into five main steps – Investigation, Strategy and Narration, Design, Implementation and Engagement – Johnson also recognizes the nature of non-linear from branding with half an important step, which marks the relationship between fluid between strategies and design.
No-onsense, the model of the first six-question book model; The second part analyzes the design process, using more than 1,000 contemporary brand identities from all over the world. This is the best visual guide to the best step to create a successful brand identity. This is an important reading for anyone in the branding industry, and very valuable resources for new students and designers.

Logo Modernism

Best Graphic Design Book 1

Taschen produces several truly spectacular books, and logo modernism is no different. Unifying around 6000 trademarks, registered between 1940-80, Jens Müller examined the distillation of modernism in graphic design and how this attitude and necessity gave birth to the company’s identity.

Müller includes a variety of logos, organized into three chapters – geometric, effects and typography – to educate you and provide a comprehensive index of inspirational logo design to inform your own work.

50 of the best logos ever

In this inspirational book, the panel of leading design experts and leading identity gathered to bring you a definitive list of 50 of the best logos ever. This book offers insight into the creative process behind the best known identity design work in the world. Find out whether your favorite logo makes pieces.

Typographic style element

Best Graphic Design Book 2

First published in 1992, this history and guide for typography from typing Canada, poets and Translator Robert Bringhurst have quickly become a major typography resource. The leading Tiper Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones call it the “best book ever written about typography” – and it is not difficult to see the reason.
Typographic style elements are a beautifully written manual that combines practical, theoretical and historical information, while also sharing a deeper philosophy and understanding of the topic. If you are looking for books that include better points and typography, you will save a lot of money by starting with this one.
“Over the years, this small Bible has proven to be very valuable,” said Sara Lai Art Director. “This is packing in all 360 degrees typography, and has been useful for almost everything I have done,” he said. “Not only includes the basics of type and grid rules, it also offers philosophical and historical insights.”
The Latin alphabet attachment and its character is a large piece of eye-candy that all designers will prefer.

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers

Christmas will be here soon, and hopefully when inches closer to your list, good to do and gifts, getting shorter. You have something for your green-in-law’s father-in-law, something for your obsessed music nephew, maybe something for your hairy friend who is fortunately not too picky). But then there are people who are complicated with homes that are not affected and discriminatory in home decoration. Where do they get interesting artwork? How did they arrange everything in their homes for such an effect? How do they make it look very easy? And what can you get for Christmas that they don’t have? Not surprisingly, finding gifts for stylish design lovers in your life can be a prospect that is intimidating, so we have prepared some ideas that we hope will help.

Start with a wall

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers

While people who appreciate a good design have a variety of taste, sensitivity, and style, you can always see a design lover when you walk to their home and face to face with charming artwork. Chances are, your design lover enjoys exchanging new items over time. Or maybe they have a wall gallery filled with interesting pictures that they take for years that are constantly rejected. If their style is eclectic and fun, the framed collage will fit smoothly. For smart botanical mold collectors, choose your poison: You will find seaweed, ferns, tulips and shells within our reach. If only something really unique will be done, see some mirror works, 3D statues or colorful fiber art.

Turn on the lights

Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a look and shades of space, so it’s not surprising that design fans can be relied upon to appreciate good lights. From reading lights to the chandelier and everything in between, there are various kinds of styles available in every price range. To start, really think of your design lover’s personality and the way they decorate their home – after you think about it, it’s easy to choose something that will fit between their home plants? Do fox glass wall lights into the next logical step in creating their small scale mirror hall? Or can they use a few candles and LED holders to throw light comfortable above their house? Candlelight always improves winter nights.

A small rattan never hurts anyone

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers 1

Rattan is a classic true unexpected classic into all kinds of schemes and design periods, from Victoriana until the 1970s bohemian-chic to ultra-modern. It seems never outdated, has been popular as furniture in Europe since the 16th century. We are always a fan, but this year has been specifically a trend once again, appears not only in the garden furniture set but in diverse forms as headboards, wall panels and tableware. Anything made of rattan is a very good choice of gifts for friends or family members who are aware of designs, which will be able to appreciate their history and contemporary appeal. Rattan and storage furniture is one of the original product offers OKA, and today you will find many choices for all budgets, but some of our small pieces, such as plates, cakes and spices carry good gifts. And for a smart taste dog, there are no better gifts than our rattan pet beds.

Set the only bouquet

Faux Blooms makes a wise gift for someone who adores the decor with flowers but doesn’t feel too groped, and that is even more attentive for someone who doesn’t have time to care for the conservatory full of them. Our fake botany is some like the most living around, thanks to our co-founder guide and our Horticulturalist Lucinda Wearhouse. When our store is open, visit one of our dedicated flower shops and treat your design lovers to the new and the only vases grouped by Oka Bouquet, selected by hand from various flower stems and leaves and designed for that taste. If the trip to the stores is not on the card, one of our seasonal bunches that is set is very easy to choose online because they have to care (they only need a quick explosion with occasional hair dryers).

Pamper their deepest design fantasy

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers 2

Here are truly different gifts that will really impress your design lover – Book them to consult with our experienced interior design team, and give them a budget for designer recommendations. Free initial consultation, but long-term projects are charged. Your friend will not only have the opportunity to enjoy learning more about their desires with a likis industry expert, they will receive customized recommendations and design suggestions, and bring home something beautiful too. If they have a vision for a bigger project in mind but need a little help in realizing it, this can be the perfect way to help them put the wheel moving. Our talented designers have an impressive home portfolio throughout the world and are ready to help with any project, no matter how big or small. They are also available for virtual consultations, so your design lover can enjoy every bit of this gift from the comfort of their own home.


Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life

2021 was one year old – and it has the potential to underestimate this year too. So, everyone looks forward to the season. But what should the designer be obtained in your life?
We asked our design teacher in Shillington what made their list this year and collected this gift guide to make your search easier. You can even steal some ideas for yourself – or just treat yourself.
From the pin to scarf and seeds, we have displayed as many creative and independent stores that we can think of so you will give back to the public too.

The girl who designs a pin

Simple but effective gift to kick everything. This enamel pin from two girls Co. is the perfect gift for women (designers) in your life to show off that he is proud of what he does.

Crispin Finn 2021 Wall Calendar

The perfect way to arrange for the new year, this wall calendar from Margate Crispin Finn based designer, in the trademark red, white and blue, is a perfect stocking filler.

Chemex coffee maker

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life

Your home coffee game! This classic design from 1941 not only looks amazing but also makes delicious cups at any time.

Gallery membership

This is a difficult year for galleries and museums around the world so membership for one of your favorites is a perfect gift ‘because you will see some extraordinary exhibits but also help them. You can get a membership for the design museum in London, MUA in New York and NSW Art Gallery in Sydney for a few names.

SNASK Stay Pink Tote Bag

We all dream of pink Christmas … this striking pink tote bag from 2020 Shillington guest lecturers, Snach, maybe only our favorite accessories this year.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Who doesn’t like new gadgets? Wacum Intuos Pro lets you edit, illustrate or design directly to your computer from the beginning to complete.

Piccolo seeds.

Plant some seeds and start new hobbies for the new year! You will have some bumper plants within a few months. And the packaging may even be worth the frame.

Book books co

New year, are you new? The Do Book Co has a book for beginners to take a healthy new hobby – starting from making household residents and singing. Perfect to start something new in 2021.

Candy Cane Pencil

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life 1

Candy Cane’s pencil won awards for things that you really don’t need, but also really want it. A very festive addition to your table that you can bring every December.

Hey Scarf.

Barcelona Design Studio Hey launched a new store in the city of the old city. There are many big merches but designers in your life will be very grateful for this beautiful scarf.

De Stijl Wall Clock

Produced to commemorate the Centenary of Art Movement de Stijl, this wall clock will make the central part that is amazing in any room.

Siberian Sandal Coldbreaker

We are serious about our comfort. This sandal from the Alwero Polish Wool Factory will make you feel – and look like you walk in the cloud.

Medieval modern graphic design by Theo Inglis

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life 2

This book by British designer Theo Inglis took a deep view of the aesthetic typical modern medieval design. Exceptional inspiration dose for each designer.

iPad Pro.

At present the list of gadgets that must be owned by most designers, the new iPad Pro is the best way to really damage the designer. After this is in your hands, it is likely to be unlimited.


All designers know that tickets, business cards, leaflets, and various other paper beings can be a good source of inspiration. Get Corkframe and you will have an interesting place to save everything.

Your Final_Final Designer Gift Guide of 2021

Look, you’re leaving and doing it. We got it – it happened to the best of us: You have waited until last minute to get shopping your holiday gifts taken care of. Don’t panic, friend, we will save you from falling back on a gift card or a pair of comfortable DIY ears. Even though you might have seen our previous gift guide, you might need a special last minute gift intervention, and we are here to help.
We took separang on Amazon to see if we could collect a list of the perfect last minute gift ideas for design fans in your life. These queues are Litany Cool gifts must be delivered by Christmas time – even better if you have Amazon Prime, where you can take advantage of several free two-day shipments to make sure there are no empty gifts. But you need to act quickly, so continue reading below!

Write, draw & sketch sketches

We have said previously, and we will say it again: some breakthrough the most fruitful design process comes when a pen or pencil hits paper. Here are some writing style, drawing, and sketching holiday gift ideas that make beautiful stuffer stockings for designers in your life.


Your Final_Final Designer Gift Guide of 2021

Always a wise gift – even when Christmas hours ticking hardcover books is a gift to give gifts. In addition, books directed at the designer audience usually have fit-and-finishes that make them stand out as objets d’ART in addition to providing exceptional inspiration or knowledge to the recipient. Here are some that interest our attention!
Looking for updating your graphic design arsenal? Try choosing us from the best graphic design tools around. Or for more inspiration reading, see our best branding books, or the best art books.

Tools & gadgets.

Your Final_Final Designer Gift Guide of 2021 1

Designers often rely on a myriad of tools to ensure their job settings are right. Here is a litany of tools, technology, and gadgets that will produce large prizes, while also putting spring in Giftee’s steps when you help them work smarter.
The impression of your coworkers at work locations with a variety of your special tools that they might not know there.
Each editorial product is independently selected, even though we can be compensated or accept affiliate commissions if you buy something through our link. Accurate ranking and price and goods in stock at publication.

Around the studio

Your Final_Final Designer Gift Guide of 2021 2

Remember, there is nothing wrong with family members who appreciate a good design! So, even if you have a loved one who is more is a design lover than a professional design in-the-trench, here are some of the best prizes that will make a great addition to not only creative studio rooms, but also a lot of household decorations on Office or kitchen.
With a little luck and the wonders of accelerated shipping we hope you will find the perfect gift for creative people in your life – Hopefully, the ideas of this gift jump starts hunting you. Hope you are a wonderful holiday season!