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It’s never been easier to make bevel cuts, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. However, with the correct understanding of bevel cuts and the proper preparation of specialized equipment, how to make bevel cuts on a table saw is no longer difficult. Firstly, you need the best one, click here best contractor table saw under $1000

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How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw 1What Are The Bevel Cuts?

A bevel cut is a term that refers to a cut relative to the surface of a piece of wood. Depending on the intended use, it can be a cut at the end of the board or run along the edge of the piece.

Once you understand the true nature of bevel cuts, the easier it will be to make bevel cuts on a table saw!

How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw

Here’s exactly what you need to prepare to get the perfect bevel cuts:

  • Prepare wood and saws
  • Adjust the bevel of the saw
  • Adjust the blade
  • Make a fence
  • Sawing
  • Clean the inclined plane
  • Sanding and finishing

Step-by-step Detailed Instructions

In this section, we will find detailed information for each step.

Prepare Wood And Saw

Depending on the purpose you want to create the item, you will choose the type of wood with the material that the color is compatible with.

As for the saw, you should check the electrical equipment, especially the saw blade. Make sure it stays sharp and not blunt because a sharp saw blade is a key to deciding for you to have the perfect bevel cuts.

Besides, you should check the bolts and screws to make sure the details on the saw are complete. Remember, whether you can make your process go smoothly or not depends to a large extent on this preparation.

Adjust The Bevel Of The Saw

After checking the details and finishing parameters on the saw and wood, now is the time to adjust the bevel on the saw to suit the purpose of creating bevel cuts.

Making a bevel with a circular saw is not difficult at all. We pay attention to the inclined plate of the saw to adjust the angle accordingly.

More specifically, you can use your thumb or screw to loosen the base to suit the blade and base you want to create.

How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw

Adjust The Blade

The next step after you find the right angle is to adjust the blade. The point is just that it’s deeper than the cut’s thickness a bit. The goal is that when the cut takes place, the knife still cuts the wood with ease.

To do this, simply move the base plate so which the blade is exposed. But you must not expose the blade completely while cutting.

That’s because it can be dangerous for you to come into contact with out-of-sight stuff like your desk, electrical cords, and even your hands.

Make A Fence

A good tip for us is to create a fence to ensure a straight and not skewed.

To make a fence, we just need to create a piece of wood that ensures it runs along with the bevel cuts and the saw base.

Often a piece of wood will not be strong, so you can attach both sides of this piece to create a stronger fence.


We’ll run the saw along of wood to achieve the exact bevel after everything is in place.

It’ll be a good recommendation to position the product so which the sawed part will fall out of the wood immediately.

How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw 2

Cleaning The Inclined Plane

After the saw finishing, we are considered to have completed half of the progress. However, many new difficulties appear. This difficulty is that the surfaces just sawed will not be flat.

Don’t worry. We just clean this flat surface with a planer. This planer acts like a shaver, allowing you to clean every surface with a small blade.

Start slow if you’re not used to it, but then you can speed things up with strong, decisive movements.

Sanding And Finishing

The final step is finishing the bevel cuts. At this step, you should sand the oblique surface first. Then, make sure the two bevels fit together and continue sanding.

You can now apply some glue and sawdust to make the slats fit perfectly. Check adhesion and continue sanding until the surface is perfect.

Tips For The Perfect Bevel Cuts

Check the saw blade before sawing

Having the saw core sharp and having the proper adjustment length will greatly help you in cutting a perfect cut.

How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw 3

Flatten the cutting surface

Sometimes even though you’ve prepared and carefully cut the bevel for your piece, the surface of the slat may not be even.

Here, we just need to work lightly by cleaning the flat surface with sanding or planning to get a perfect bevel surface.


How to make bevel cuts on a table saw will be difficult at first. With practice and meticulousness, you will surely turn your wooden products into perfection.

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