Here he is! The days are getting longer and brighter, the leaves in the tree finally turned green bottles, spring is here, but even better are bigger and better sisters – summer almost to us! So now comes a complicated moment of the wardrobe organization, cutting chaos and wondering how on the earth you’ve seen messy inside the scrggy, sun lotion-wet, adjustable t-shirts and adjusted wildly last year.

Color palette

It won’t be a total shake for you that black t-shirts are not recommended through summer months unless you live in a rather cold place (like English potential). So what color do we recommend? Trawling suggestions from all over the internet, there are many suggestions on how to combine white t-shirts with various clothing items, shoes and accessories – so much so that they guide you wondering if you really need to wear anything. We have recorded some useful articles that we found on our trip.

Pastel Permen Palette

Apart from the white classic (which is a little painful in the ass for the beach, because they always change orange and make you look dirty), the pastel palette is a good alternative that will go with quite a lot, as will neutral tone. If you haven’t hid in a hole for the past year, you might also pay attention to the gradual appearance of the minimum pastel pics in all your Instagram, which has been gradually extended from photography to stop-motion, 3D art and even makes it an airfrance ad.
According to the servemesprinkles blog this pastel madness begins by the Matt Crump photographer and since it has taken the world with a storm, we will be willing to bet some money so that it will be launched into the world of fashion too. Among young Japanese children, pastel colors have become the top mode for many years. We have collected a small mood board so you can see what we are doing.


How To Design The Coolest Summer Shirt

Have to work throughout the summer? Not sweating. T-shirts will save you once again – don’t suffer in hot and stuffy polyester when you can float about the office in cold cotton. There are many ways that you can combine tees with other clothes to be smart and fresh at once. Try to pair white t-shirts with smart black cotton trousers, maxi skirts and pencil skirts to look professional without getting a hot rash.


Not to pastel shades? We haven’t forgotten you yet. Summer clothes are not only for girls girly. In fact, masculinity in summer clothing has a long history, see this amazing slide show from Vogue if you are not sure.

Try wearing a gray t-shirt and light tee with a steampunk color palette to keep your winter style without passing in the sun. Why don’t you try a T-shirts dress? If you pair it with some Dr.Martens, you will never be wrong and you will have a fun gentle breeze between your feet. Look at this cool combo sent by Jessieupfield in Polyvore. Large stripey t-shirts can also work with loose pants from your choice, leggings or solo and give you all the possibilities of the summer wardrobe for every occasion.


Summer and identical shape. Now it’s time to test all shirts that you can imagine, and there is a flattering style for everyone. Cut it, hunchback, V-IT, Round-neck it, Tassel – whatever you want, and if printed, even better. See this cool tee festival below from an ultra music festival.
There are also a large number of PINs on Pinterest of How To Upcycle Favorite T-shirts, alternatives, you can check our article to buy used T-shirts and get experiments.


T-Shirt Design Tips for Summer Going further than just prints, the fabric you wear will also make or destroy your summer vacation. We love fast seedy t-shirt fabric by but basically, when shopping, you must always look for linen, cotton (preferably organic cotton) and rayon. All of these fabrics (and mixed versions of them) are made from very breathable materials, which will ensure that you don’t go home at the end of the day looks like this.
However, if you want to avoid Tan Line t-shirts at all then you shouldn’t put aside printing on the vest. This sleeveless’s tees really ruined summer pleasure and most would be seen at the music festival (the weather hanging) and on the beach.


How To Design The Coolest Summer Shirt 1

Summer is about being a footloose and free-free, so if you design or choose clothes for the hottest months of this year, your font must be the same. These include handwritten fonts, scripts, graffiti styles and other types of similar displays. If you are not sure what this means, we have included several free font licenses as free examples for commercial use, and you don’t need to pay a license. Check each individual font to ensure, because the license can vary. All of the examples we use are available for free downloads on fontsquirrel.

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