Zebra, Leopard, Tiger, Snake – Print Animal has long been everywhere in the world of fashion, but is no stranger to interior designer tricks too. This is a choice that requires courage; Print animals do not shrink Violet.
It adds to the sense of adventure, diversity and glamor to your interior in a way that is slightly visible. But it can also be tightened to behave no more than one accent, as soon as it is known, singing the spirit and ‘VA VA Voom’.

Animal print carpet

How To Decorate By Printing Animals In Your Home

Putting animal molds on your floor is a step that attracts attention. Carpets hide native or imitation such as deer, the pattern is thicker and a little striped, is one way to go, or choose an animal print carpet that speaks a harder statement.
There are all kinds of variations, from the full zebra print carpet – pink or yellow tend to be a popular combination with zebra – to block the color carpet that is detailed with large-scale animal motifs – see a lively example in the Green Zamrud carpet and leopard carpet company. described.
When it comes to animal molds, smaller carpets tend to look as if you protect your bet. Your room will benefit more if you jump at the inside end and choose a larger design.
Remember that the beauty with the carpet is that they are not where your eyes spend most of the time and that you will put a lot of furniture and accessories on it. It’s not like artwork where there is little room to hide. That is, unless you rotate the carpet into a wall decoration, which does look very global.
In Elizabeth Kreuger’s shot, the Zebra carpet was undoubtedly a feature, but the table of antiques contrasted and the woven basket was forced to share the center of attention, while the monochromatic color scheme was at all so the carpet felt right at home.
If you are interested in certain printing styles, such as Leopard, try to introduce complementary characters such as giraffes and tigers that share similar pallets. Then, use it in more than one room in your home so you make a smooth theme.
If you feel very ventures, take your textile level and invest in animal print throws. Unless you are printing an animal in a maximum manner, down the number of pillows you have and let the throw be the main event in this scenario. Try to fold it into two and swallow it behind or the sofa arm with a mixture of great pillows and oval in front of it.

Animal print furniture

How To Decorate By Printing Animals In Your Home 1

Animal print furniture is not for the weak heart. But if the prospect of throwing on the sofa you do not do it, then the animal print sofa must do the job.
Move to the bottom of the teeth and you will reach the animal print seat domain, head back and footwear – three categories that are still fearless on the title, it’s just not so like a stretch of sofa. Smaller examples of the elegant elegant animal printing coating fabric.
The key is to make sure the print style is working perfectly with the color palette and accessories of your home. Print animals appreciate cohesion.
If you choose zebra, repeat black and white throughout your room. If you choose a tiger, make sure there are honey, warm wood furniture or floors, yellow accents and black pulses. And if you break a giraffe for you, make sure there is a presence of dressed in a room in a room combined with tonal chocolate and gold.
Don’t forget too that not all print animals are on the hard side of life. There is a colored version of most of which follows the pattern but not a natural tone, which can show animal printing in much finer light. But also shagreen – hide a rather patterned patterned from one color and the signs taken through veins – which are used as layers on storage pieces and tables, from drawer crates and sideboard to the coffee table and bedside table.

Animal print decor

How To Decorate By Printing Animals In Your Home 2

And finally to the accessory. Whether you use animal print accessories as a way to strengthen your interior side is very wild, or if it’s your forest reference, they are ready to add print bags to any room and each room. But don’t stop just on objects that are seasoned with dots, spots and lines, nestle in other related accessories to highlight their zoology.

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