Christmas will be here soon, and hopefully when inches closer to your list, good to do and gifts, getting shorter. You have something for your green-in-law’s father-in-law, something for your obsessed music nephew, maybe something for your hairy friend who is fortunately not too picky). But then there are people who are complicated with homes that are not affected and discriminatory in home decoration. Where do they get interesting artwork? How did they arrange everything in their homes for such an effect? How do they make it look very easy? And what can you get for Christmas that they don’t have? Not surprisingly, finding gifts for stylish design lovers in your life can be a prospect that is intimidating, so we have prepared some ideas that we hope will help.

Start with a wall

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers

While people who appreciate a good design have a variety of taste, sensitivity, and style, you can always see a design lover when you walk to their home and face to face with charming artwork. Chances are, your design lover enjoys exchanging new items over time. Or maybe they have a wall gallery filled with interesting pictures that they take for years that are constantly rejected. If their style is eclectic and fun, the framed collage will fit smoothly. For smart botanical mold collectors, choose your poison: You will find seaweed, ferns, tulips and shells within our reach. If only something really unique will be done, see some mirror works, 3D statues or colorful fiber art.

Turn on the lights

Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a look and shades of space, so it’s not surprising that design fans can be relied upon to appreciate good lights. From reading lights to the chandelier and everything in between, there are various kinds of styles available in every price range. To start, really think of your design lover’s personality and the way they decorate their home – after you think about it, it’s easy to choose something that will fit between their home plants? Do fox glass wall lights into the next logical step in creating their small scale mirror hall? Or can they use a few candles and LED holders to throw light comfortable above their house? Candlelight always improves winter nights.

A small rattan never hurts anyone

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers 1

Rattan is a classic true unexpected classic into all kinds of schemes and design periods, from Victoriana until the 1970s bohemian-chic to ultra-modern. It seems never outdated, has been popular as furniture in Europe since the 16th century. We are always a fan, but this year has been specifically a trend once again, appears not only in the garden furniture set but in diverse forms as headboards, wall panels and tableware. Anything made of rattan is a very good choice of gifts for friends or family members who are aware of designs, which will be able to appreciate their history and contemporary appeal. Rattan and storage furniture is one of the original product offers OKA, and today you will find many choices for all budgets, but some of our small pieces, such as plates, cakes and spices carry good gifts. And for a smart taste dog, there are no better gifts than our rattan pet beds.

Set the only bouquet

Faux Blooms makes a wise gift for someone who adores the decor with flowers but doesn’t feel too groped, and that is even more attentive for someone who doesn’t have time to care for the conservatory full of them. Our fake botany is some like the most living around, thanks to our co-founder guide and our Horticulturalist Lucinda Wearhouse. When our store is open, visit one of our dedicated flower shops and treat your design lovers to the new and the only vases grouped by Oka Bouquet, selected by hand from various flower stems and leaves and designed for that taste. If the trip to the stores is not on the card, one of our seasonal bunches that is set is very easy to choose online because they have to care (they only need a quick explosion with occasional hair dryers).

Pamper their deepest design fantasy

Home Decoration Gifts For Design Lovers 2

Here are truly different gifts that will really impress your design lover – Book them to consult with our experienced interior design team, and give them a budget for designer recommendations. Free initial consultation, but long-term projects are charged. Your friend will not only have the opportunity to enjoy learning more about their desires with a likis industry expert, they will receive customized recommendations and design suggestions, and bring home something beautiful too. If they have a vision for a bigger project in mind but need a little help in realizing it, this can be the perfect way to help them put the wheel moving. Our talented designers have an impressive home portfolio throughout the world and are ready to help with any project, no matter how big or small. They are also available for virtual consultations, so your design lover can enjoy every bit of this gift from the comfort of their own home.


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