Good Mom Gift Ideas for Daughter

I like that you are my daughter’s dish

Give him a subtle little reminder of how he means you with this sweet ring dish. Made from white and eyed ceramics with gold, this square jewelry holder comes with the words’ I like that you ‘daughter’ below, with a heart at the apostrophe. I like that you are my daughter’s dish

Mama Bear Hoodie.

When you can’t be there to protect it, wrap him in your love with this cute and comfortable hoodie. Available in four color light, the hoodie comes in five sizes from small to 2xl, and has a big hipster hipster bear face on the front, with ‘mama bear’ above.

Mulberry silk pillowcase

Treat him like his daughter with a pair of mulberry silk pillowcases. Made of 100% natural silk, these cases are not only visible and feel luxurious, but they will also ensure that he wakes up with smooth whale hair and skin like the fabric itself.

Smart water bottle hydrate spark bottle

Part of being a mother reminds children to make sure they take care of themselves. This extraordinary bottle will make sure he drinks even when you don’t exist. Made of stainless steel so drinks are cool up to 24 hours, beautiful LED lights shine when it’s time to take another swig.

I will be there the mother’s necklace to the child’s necklace

A wonderful way to remind him that you will always be by his side, set necklaces and pendants will make the idea of ​​a mother’s gift touching for the princess. Sterling silver tags are labeled with sweet messages, while the brass overlay has two trees that cut, standing side by side.

Factory Figs

Fill in your own space – whether the rooms are in their own home or home – with violin leaf figs. Unusual and cheerful, this high plant makes the ideal additions even small houses, because they grow rather than out, meaning it is suitable for small rooms and blank corners.

Princess Gifts Engraved from Mother

This amazing mirror of travel will give your girl a constant feeling thanks to a beautiful message carved on the front. Made of metal with silver finish, this mirror offers regular and 2x enlargement options, and includes the sweetest message from you.

What i like about you by me book

If you want to give him a memento with your own words, the book ‘what I like about you’ is a good choice. Closed in a beautiful pink cover There is a page of instructions that invite you to write your own answers about all the things you value most about it.

One year of Mawar

Roses are undoubtedly making beautiful gifts, but the problem is, they wilted and die in a few days. One year of rose is a real rose that has been treated with a special pigmentation process, which means they remain fresh and excited up to 12 months, as long as special care instructions are followed.

For my daughter’s skin journal from Mother

Whether he used it as a journal, to register, or just as a place to cross out, the notebook tied to this PU skin will make a lasting gift. Equipped with a cell phone and a credit card bag, this beautiful journal arises with a sweet mother with the princess saying to stand in her instead.

Saothing Spa Dr. Scholl Low Cut Lavender + Vitamin E socks

Perfect to relax, work from home, or do homework, these socks from Dr. Scholl will treat his legs in the most comfortable way. Soft and blurry, these socks are infused with moisturizing vitamin E and lavender, and displays fine foot stitches, and non-slip silicon treads to maintain security. Saothing Spa Dr. Scholl Low Cut Lavender + Vitamin E socks

Cushion of long distance mother daugther

Whether he is far from home to college, work, or get married, this pillow will make sure you are never far away. Available on canvas or linen, personalized maternal and child cases illustrated with your state and city and his property is marked with two hearts, and the dotted line that connects both.

Don’t mess with Mugsaurus mugs

Make sure his friends and family know that he won’t be shot by sending it with this dinosaur-themed cup to be brought with him. Made from white ceramics with a black design, this cute mug warns others not to mess up mama, and what will happen if they do it!

The Great British Baking Show: Love To Bake Book

What happens when he starts his own life from home and can no longer be there to enjoy the cake and baked brownies of your house? Well, he can learn to grill himself – sweet and savory – with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith’s ‘The Great British Baking Show’.


Personalized recipe cutting board

A truly amazing gift for every girl who flew a nest, this chopped board will be one of the most valuable treasures. Choose from Beech or Walnut Wood, and you can have a laser favorite family recipe engraved in your own hands on one or both sides as a special reminder of the house.

Five minutes journal

Journal can be a powerful tool for happiness, but it is difficult to adjust it to school and work commitment. Help your daughter to grow a gratitude with a five-minute journal, which provides a useful demand to help guide it every day, in just a few minutes.

Princess mother necklace

This beautiful necklace is the idea of ​​a maternal gift that touches for girls, because it is smooth and beautiful, and will give him a soft reminder of your love every time he wears it. Made of sterling silver, circles that interdependence represent bonds that cannot be solved between mothers and girls, and hang on chains 19 “. to my daughter necklace online


Mother’s survival package

Just because your baby has a baby, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to take care of you from time to time. Give him this treatment package for a new mother, which contains six natural products to help her relax, including stomach jam, lavender fog, and a very important sleep ointment.

Willow the hand-painted memory box tree

The duty of a mother is to keep her baby safe until it’s time for them to leave the nest, and then allow them to soar. This beautiful jewelry box by this willow tree will be a permanent and very sweet reminder of how you love it, and come carved in a hinged cap.

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