Favourite Family Board Games

One of the best ways to have fun, free on the screen, quality together as a family is to set aside time to play board games. However, there are so many can be chosen, it is difficult to know who will be a good partner for you and your children.
Of course, classics enjoyed by many people from us when we are children and still enjoy today (games like surgery and UNO) and then there are the latest newest games that everyone talked about (at this time, it seems that the face pie and talking! ).
If you want to add to your family board collection collection, or start your collection, here are some suggestions based on what we have and love, have enjoyed in the past, or in our wish list!


This is a game that will always survive the test of time. We have several different editions that have existed since children are very few and sometimes they are pulled out. The best part of this game is children (and adults!) Of all ages can play, and while playing, you will give your memory a little practice. No need to read, so as long as your children can match your partner, they can play.

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

This is an unofficial expansion for similar games. Based on many loved TV series, office. A Cockumentary in a group of typical office workers, where business days consist of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and Tedium.

Thousands of people have ever enjoyed it!

US office is still a gold comedy and we are happy that we can now combine their humor with those loved against the game.

It’s fun for a while, but when you have played the same joke “your mother” a joke for a hundredth time, the original package can be a little boring.

More cards, more players, more funFrom Jim’s Jello Prank for Michael’s bankruptcy there are many white and black cards for funny combinations.

Each package contains 36 black cards and 144 white cards which means there are many combinations. The office cards against humanity.

Canden country

This is the first board of my children and is very good to introduce them to the world of board games. Players draw cards to pass many sweet locations on the board on the way to King Kandy castle.



This is a good and fast beginner game for children (they will love Popper Dice!) And what we enjoy in many night matches. The aim of this game is to have each of the four pieces you make the road around the board safely while avoiding problems (DiKauki by other parts of the player). If a player has a problem, they have to return their part back to the beginning and start again.

Guess who

Another simple game that is good for younger kids is guessing who. Each player must choose a character while others try to guess who his character is to ask questions about the appearance of the character (hair color, eye color, whether they wear glasses, etc.) The right person guessed first, win!



Hedbanz is technically not a board game, but it’s fun “what I” guess the game that will be enjoyed throughout the family. Every player draws a card and put their cards into their headband so that everyone but they can see it. They each take turns inquiry or not the question of other players and the first guessing objects on their cards, win!


There is no list of family board games that can compete without monopoly! It has become a favorite for us since the oldest I was given a junior monopoly as a birthday gift. Children like that they have a large pile of cash to be controlled and how they have the power to have property, build a house and get more money.
You might be wondering what is the difference between monopoly Junior and Monopoly. The rules for junior monopoly are simplified, smaller boards and direct rules of money.

Catan settlers

Settlers of Catan

This award-winning game is on my wish list! Players make decisions on how to build settlements in the Isle of Catan by building roads, buildings and more. Players also trade and get resources to develop land, but beware, there are thieves and other players who can dip and interfere with your plans. (Note: There are also Catan Juniors available for children 6 and up!)

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Games

We are partly for the Harry Potter edition, but if you are not going to Harry Potter, the family edition is just as fun! The player walks around the board collecting pieces for their pie after answering trivia questions from various categories (there are questions for children and questions for adults). Players who enter their board with all their pie pieces first, win.

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