Graphic design books can offer insights obtained with difficulty, design inspiration, and basic refreshment on the main principles and design techniques. Do you want to find a design theory, learn some new skills or just recharge your creative batteries, there are a large number of titles out there.
In this article, we have measured the selection of the best graphic design books available, starting from eternal classics to modern works. We have arranged books into the category to help you find what you need – you can scroll the category above and jump directly to the part you are interested in.
Looking for updating your graphic design Arsenal? Try choosing us from the best graphic design tools around. Or for more inspiration reading, see our best branding books, or the best art books. Without further Ado, welcome to your essential reading list graphic design book.

Designing brand identity

Best Graphic Design Book

The best-selling guide Alina Wheeler for branding has been updated for the fifth time to enter new coverage and expanded from the synergy of social media channels, crowdsourcing, SEO, branding experience, mobile devices, wayfindinding and platsaking. Divided into three parts – fundamentals of brands, basic processes and case studies – designing brand identity provides in-depth guidance for designers and the entire branding team, running through a five-stage process of universal for development and implementation.
Pentagram Partner Paula Scher recommends it: “Alina Wheeler explained better than anyone who designed identity and how it functions,” he said. “There is a reason why this is the 5th edition of this classic.” And with the introduction of the design of the Podcast Material Host Debbie Millman, you know you are in a good hand.

Branding: In five and a half steps

Leading Graphic Designer Michael Johnson Demystivies Process Branding in his book, Branding: In five and a half steps. Divide the process into five main steps – Investigation, Strategy and Narration, Design, Implementation and Engagement – Johnson also recognizes the nature of non-linear from branding with half an important step, which marks the relationship between fluid between strategies and design.
No-onsense, the model of the first six-question book model; The second part analyzes the design process, using more than 1,000 contemporary brand identities from all over the world. This is the best visual guide to the best step to create a successful brand identity. This is an important reading for anyone in the branding industry, and very valuable resources for new students and designers.

Logo Modernism

Best Graphic Design Book 1

Taschen produces several truly spectacular books, and logo modernism is no different. Unifying around 6000 trademarks, registered between 1940-80, Jens Müller examined the distillation of modernism in graphic design and how this attitude and necessity gave birth to the company’s identity.

Müller includes a variety of logos, organized into three chapters – geometric, effects and typography – to educate you and provide a comprehensive index of inspirational logo design to inform your own work.

50 of the best logos ever

In this inspirational book, the panel of leading design experts and leading identity gathered to bring you a definitive list of 50 of the best logos ever. This book offers insight into the creative process behind the best known identity design work in the world. Find out whether your favorite logo makes pieces.

Typographic style element

Best Graphic Design Book 2

First published in 1992, this history and guide for typography from typing Canada, poets and Translator Robert Bringhurst have quickly become a major typography resource. The leading Tiper Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones call it the “best book ever written about typography” – and it is not difficult to see the reason.
Typographic style elements are a beautifully written manual that combines practical, theoretical and historical information, while also sharing a deeper philosophy and understanding of the topic. If you are looking for books that include better points and typography, you will save a lot of money by starting with this one.
“Over the years, this small Bible has proven to be very valuable,” said Sara Lai Art Director. “This is packing in all 360 degrees typography, and has been useful for almost everything I have done,” he said. “Not only includes the basics of type and grid rules, it also offers philosophical and historical insights.”
The Latin alphabet attachment and its character is a large piece of eye-candy that all designers will prefer.

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