2021 was one year old – and it has the potential to underestimate this year too. So, everyone looks forward to the season. But what should the designer be obtained in your life?
We asked our design teacher in Shillington what made their list this year and collected this gift guide to make your search easier. You can even steal some ideas for yourself – or just treat yourself.
From the pin to scarf and seeds, we have displayed as many creative and independent stores that we can think of so you will give back to the public too.

The girl who designs a pin

Simple but effective gift to kick everything. This enamel pin from two girls Co. is the perfect gift for women (designers) in your life to show off that he is proud of what he does.

Crispin Finn 2021 Wall Calendar

The perfect way to arrange for the new year, this wall calendar from Margate Crispin Finn based designer, in the trademark red, white and blue, is a perfect stocking filler.

Chemex coffee maker

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life

Your home coffee game! This classic design from 1941 not only looks amazing but also makes delicious cups at any time.

Gallery membership

This is a difficult year for galleries and museums around the world so membership for one of your favorites is a perfect gift ‘because you will see some extraordinary exhibits but also help them. You can get a membership for the design museum in London, MUA in New York and NSW Art Gallery in Sydney for a few names.

SNASK Stay Pink Tote Bag

We all dream of pink Christmas … this striking pink tote bag from 2020 Shillington guest lecturers, Snach, maybe only our favorite accessories this year.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Who doesn’t like new gadgets? Wacum Intuos Pro lets you edit, illustrate or design directly to your computer from the beginning to complete.

Piccolo seeds.

Plant some seeds and start new hobbies for the new year! You will have some bumper plants within a few months. And the packaging may even be worth the frame.

Book books co

New year, are you new? The Do Book Co has a book for beginners to take a healthy new hobby – starting from making household residents and singing. Perfect to start something new in 2021.

Candy Cane Pencil

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life 1

Candy Cane’s pencil won awards for things that you really don’t need, but also really want it. A very festive addition to your table that you can bring every December.

Hey Scarf.

Barcelona Design Studio Hey launched a new store in the city of the old city. There are many big merches but designers in your life will be very grateful for this beautiful scarf.

De Stijl Wall Clock

Produced to commemorate the Centenary of Art Movement de Stijl, this wall clock will make the central part that is amazing in any room.

Siberian Sandal Coldbreaker

We are serious about our comfort. This sandal from the Alwero Polish Wool Factory will make you feel – and look like you walk in the cloud.

Medieval modern graphic design by Theo Inglis

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Designers In Your Life 2

This book by British designer Theo Inglis took a deep view of the aesthetic typical modern medieval design. Exceptional inspiration dose for each designer.

iPad Pro.

At present the list of gadgets that must be owned by most designers, the new iPad Pro is the best way to really damage the designer. After this is in your hands, it is likely to be unlimited.


All designers know that tickets, business cards, leaflets, and various other paper beings can be a good source of inspiration. Get Corkframe and you will have an interesting place to save everything.

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