20 Unique Gifts for Girlfriends – Creative Gifts to Surprise Her

We think it’s difficult to find cool gifts for girlfriend, but don’t worry. We’ve done all the hard work and found these items that are bound to make her happy! From top of line coffee machines or adorable photo books about your relationship; this list has something special in store.

1. Blanket Hoodie

The perfect gift for all your favorite people, this wearable blanket hoodie is both stylish and functional. With an adjustable drawstring hood to protect you from the cold weather outside or keep cozy on those warm days inside!

2. Paint Your Life Custom Painting

PaintYourLife has incredibly talented artists who will happily paint any photo you like. What better way to treasure the memory of a lifetime than through art? A painting not only looks better, but there’s something just so heartwarming and sentimental about having your favorite picture come alive on canvas or panel!

3. Art Nouveau Collectible Mermaid Hand Mirror

This Art Nouveau Mermaid Hand Mirror is the perfect gift for any woman in your life. Not only does it have an amazing design, but also stands out because of how unique and vintage-looking its made! This high quality mirror has been crafted from resin which gives off beautiful detail – you’ll want to keep this one around so that future generations can enjoy looking at themselves too!.

4. DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Give the ultimate in luxury to your favorite person and they will be able enjoy a tub of ice cream. The best part? You can make 32 delectable mochi balls – soft, chewy outside with an icy creamy center!

5. On/Off Lamp

The oversized switch-shaped desk lamp is one of the most fun lamps I have ever seen. It can be operated with just one touch, and watching her face light up as well as our room when she sees this incredible gift was worth every second!

6. Custom Map Frame

This map photo frame is perfect for the person who has everything. With its gorgeous design and space to accomodate a 4″x6″, it’ll make any room in your home look like they’re right there!

7. The Homestead Box – Homesteading in a Box

Homestead Box is a great gift idea for women who want to learn new skills and be more self-reliant. Each month, the box sends project based information that helps with your learning how you can achieve success in this area of expertise!

8. Historic Women Who Dared Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are a great way to remind yourself and others that these trailblazing women were history’s greatest scientists, suffragists and rights activists.

9. THE Cashmere Crew

Wearing this cashmere cardigan on your next date will make for an easygoing day. The loose fit and soft material ensure that it’s comfortable, while still looking elegant with any outfit of the week!

10. Ann Tarry Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace

This Ann Tarry Orchid Flower Necklace is so beautiful! The necklace features an orchid flower design and comes with its own gift box, making it ready for you to give. Whether on your anniversary or whatever special occasion this may be-the lucky lady will definitely love wearing such gorgeous jewelry from our store.

11. Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

The following women are some of history’s most influential figures. They all had different reasons for standing up, but in the end it was their actions that made them stand out from other people around them – these 24 ladies changed everything!

12. Allbirds Wool Runners

When you love her from head to toe, make sure she feels it with a pair of Allbirds runners. These soft Merino sheep’s wool shoes are made for breathable comfort and luxurious feel!

13. Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs

These adorable ceramic marshmallow mugs will be sure to win over any girl’s heart. Every sip of hot chocolate should come from one these sweet-looking cups, and you can thank us later when she starts following your every move because no other drink is as satisfying or filling!

14. Blooming Lollipops

These lollipops are not just any old pops. They come with tempting flavor combinations such as strawberry and basil, or champagne & roses! Not only do they have an assortment of sweet treats inside but also herb seeds for you to plant later on after enjoying this delicious candy treat today – making it into more than just “just” something tasty; She can grow her own culinary crop too which makes these sticky little suckers really shine in both function (to please) AND nutritional value(richly supplying nutrients).

15. Firu-Handmade Vintage Leather Cross Body Bag

This beautiful Firu-Handmade Bag screams luxury, doesn’t it? Any lovely lady would be incredibly lucky to receive this great gift. Made from gorgeous genuine leather and perfect for carrying all of your belongings on any occasion; the sleek design will match an outfit as well so you can use it again after years passed by!

16. She Explores

This book is a perfect gift for any woman in your life. It documents the inspiring stories and adventures of 40 successful ladies who have traveled around the world, blazing their own trail!

17. Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

The birth month gemstones of all your chosen loved ones are beautifully showcased on this Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace, so they can be remembered and taken with her wherever she goes. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate their lives together – isn’t it just lovely?

18. 12 Shower Steamers Set

These heavenly scented cubes are infused with essential oils and can be used as a body scrub or steamer to enrich even your quickest shower.

19. Dead Sea Mud Mask & Free Face Brush

She’s going to love this mask! It’s got a bunch of benefits, like anti-aging and skin soothing. Plus you get your own free face brush too – so save money by not having go out right now buy one for her (we won’t tell). You can even use it on other parts besides just the scalp like elbows or whatever else strikes YOUR fancy…

20. Foreo Luna Face Exfoliator Cleaning Device

This FOREO Luna Skin Exfoliator Device is the perfect gift for your favorite skincare lover. It only takes 2 minutes morning and night to reap full benefits from this neat gadget, so you’ll have gorgeous cleansed skin in no time!
A great way make sure she has fresh new look all year round would be buying her one of these little devices that will help keep pores clear as well get rid dark spots or uneven texture on complexion . The instructions say serve every day until there’s enough room under her tongue but personally I think they taste really bad so maybe just give them.

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